The EBS Spectrum

EBS Spectrum makes up one of the largest prime spectrum bands allocated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for advanced wireless services in the U.S. The band is licensed on a geographic service area (GSA) basis only to accredited educational institutions and nonprofit entities whose missions are educational.

EBS Leases

The FCC 2.5 GHz rules permit an EBS license holder to lease its channels to a commercial entity for commercial usage for a term of up to 30 years, so long as the EBS holder reserves 5% of the capacity of the channels for educational usage.  Educational usage requirements may be satisfied by the EBS licensee/lessor through usage of the commercial wireless broadband services to be provided by the commercial lessee over the EBS channels to, for example, serve its students and educational facilities or to serve local educational institutions and nonprofits through the provision of cost free or discounted services. 

Calculate EBS Values

Where EBS spectrum is leased, you can use the calculator to derive a net present value of the spectrum based on an industry standard 30 year long term lease, using a 10% discount rate. This calculator derives EBS spectrum lease net present values using the same standard financial metrics as Sprint and other operators which lease EBS spectrum.